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I think my foray into graphic design really started with web design in the late 90s. I had an early blog known as a "journal" then and really enjoyed scanning, sizing and manipulating photos with Photoshop along with coding my own HTML (from reading the Page Source code on my favorite pages).


Worried that I might burn out on my first love photography if I pursued it as a career, I decided to study advertising at Boston University. Eventually art direction clicked during an Ad Copy & Design class when two copywriters were paired together and one (me) volunteered to fill the art director role.


My first job out of college was at a marketing agency in Baltimore as a template artist. Well, spoiler alert: template artists don't get to do any original art. As soon as a position became available for graphic design, I applied. I think my manager knew I was a hard worker and little was at stake if he gave me a shot. If it didn't work out, I'd go back to templates and if it did, he didn't have to train a new employee. It worked out and I read lots of books and familiarized myself with design software and best practices.


I moved on to Job #2 at a newspaper and then Job #3 managing other designers and freelancers while designing all day every day and while freelancing myself. There, I worked under an award-winning creative director (may he rest in peace) and learned a tremendous amount by seeing how he put different graphic elements and typefaces together. It was more than any book could teach me.

In 2011, I moved across the country and landed at a really great spot where I've learned a lot about management and... of all things... insurance. Yes, I work full time, in-house for a large insurance brokerage and can tell you all about employee benefits and risk management. And I love it! There's more creative freedom than I ever imagined and my 700+ colleagues are wonderful.

If you just skipped to the last paragraph, here's the CliffsNotes summary: I have over 15 years of design experience under my belt. You name it, I've designed it. I'm happy to work with you on any projects you have or help point you in the right direction. E-mail me today!

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